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Cheese-allert! Today we are going to talk about love, proposals, weddings – and the rings that are connected to these lovely occasions.

Jewellery is often full of symbolism; memories of specific times and moments in our lives, memories of the people we love, memories of the past. Perhaps the jewellery pieces that are most heavily induced with meaning are engagement and wedding rings. I mean, they are ultimately a sign of the promise to be together and love each other – forever! Heavy, beautiful stuff – right? In my opinion engagement rings and wedding rings carry another dimension. They are both the symbol of past events; a proposal, a “yes”, a wedding, and a symbol of the future; what we promise each other and our hopes and dreams of a life together. Including the hardships. That is why it is always very special to me to create these rings, and I’m so honored and grateful for being a part of such important and emotional events in peoples lives.

One of those people are Frederik Vedersø. I asked him a few questions about the time he proposed to his wife Cille and how he chose the rings. And I thought I would share it. Cause there is not one way of proposing, and all of my customers lovestorys are unique. So let’s get inside the head (and heart) of someone who popped the question!

When I decided to propose I went with the gut feeling. It is a big decision and very “grown up”, so you can never fully think it through rationally. For me the choice of where I would buy the ring was at least pretty easy. My wife Cille has been fangirling Malenes jewellery for many years!  

Frederik told me that it was important for him to hit a balance between a classic and personal aesthetic in the ring:

It is something that you are – hopefully – gonna wear for many years to come, so if you get something that is very “out there”, there is a risk that you will get tired of it or want something else. But at the same time I didn’t want something that was all safe, boring and without personality. It was also important for me that it was made from the best materials that will last. Malene was a great help, and the process was so smooth and elegant. We ended up with a beautiful and feminin ring, so it fits perfect for my wife.

Looking at the ring now, it reminds me of why we are together. How much we love each other and how grateful we are for sharing our lives with one another. 

Actually on my way to pick up the ring, they were playing “Marry that girl” on the radio. No way back from there. And it worked – she said yes!

And there you have it: a little story about a proposal and a ring, with just the right amount of cheese. Because even most oatmilk enthusiasts and cynics love a bit of cheese I think. At least secretly.

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