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I have always had a love for bubbles, its in my home as decoration, as pattern in my clothing and I have always been in love with this shape. When I started working on making jewellery i wanted to play with bubbles in all materials and i started a proces i didn’t know where would end. It was just all about play and reflection and one day looking at my homemade lamps in my living room, I got the idea for the collection Colors Bubbles. You can say it’s sort of a love affair, because it’s the result of my love for colors and bubbles.

In this collection it’s like everything is falling into part. The Color Bubble collection unites several of my previous work and designs. I don’t work in seasons, instead I have a more sustainable view on designing. I wanted to create a collection which could work for several years, where both me and my clients could keep adding. 

This means i am constantly designing new features to the collection. Lately i made some add on hoops. The idea is, that you can combine the bubbles in so many ways. My intention was to create a universe where it’s easy to style and play with materials, shapes and colors. One day you are into something simple, next day it’s about more is more.

The materials is mainly silver and 22 carat gold plating, combined with natural semi precious stones, corals and freshwater pearls. I often make color combinations where there is a mix of soft pastels and one bright/dark stone. I am in love with the way all stones are different in their texture and shine. I also make pieces on request in 14 carat solid gold, where I can add stones like sapphires, spinels, grenades and diamonds.

The collection mainly consist of earrings, which can be combined as asymmetrical sets and then you can expand them by putting add ons like floating bubbles and bubble chains, on the back. You can dress up the style with some Color Bubbles rings and rings from my other collection Solar System, which is also a collection based on adding and combining. Or you can go big in volume with my latest hoops. It’s all about playing and dressing up an down for the mood and occasion.  

A lot of my customers ask me how to style it or what I prefer? Well, I dont have an answer, because all people and all days are different and that’s the beauty. If you are into a simple colorful touch in your look you can style with a simple Color Bubble earring. Are you into lots of colors, layers and patterns you can match colors and forms the way you feel and go bigger with the details and shapes of the look.


come and play

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