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As you guys probably have noticed, I have a big place in my heart for Nørrebro. It´s not only the place where I live, it´s also the place where I find a lot of inspiration, the place where I rest and the place where I have my shop. Nørrebro is my home and my heart.

I moved to Nørrebro 10 years ago because a lot of my friends lived in the same area around Jægersborggade. Through those years it was still a little bit of a rough hood, but small places was startin´to pop up and there was a lot of creative potential.

I have now lived here for several years and I have had 3 kids and through them I am even more connected to there area, because now this is also where their friends are. It sort of makes it a small village to me, where I know a lot of people and are chit chatting  when meeting in the street.  I like the feeling of belonging.

Some people like to seperate their private life & work life, I feel the opposite. I like mixing it and I love being able to go to the shop in the evenings if I have an idea. I also love how my kids can drop by the shop after school and say hello to mommy.

As well as being my local hood, Nørrebro is also a place people visit from all over the world and that special mix of very local and very international is what i like in particular. A day at the shop can be both talks with good friends stopping by or inspirational stories from people bringing my jewellery across the globe

This also makes Nørrebro a colorful place, a place where you meet people dressed in all colors and patterns and people with all types of religions and believes. I love this multi color society and I love that on Mondays I can meet people dressed like they are going to a party. It´s so refreshing and it gives me a lot of inspiration to my work and private life.

Tips for Nørrebro

If I should give some of my tips for Nørrebro I would say you have to take some days off just to walk around a enjoy the buzzy feeling of Nørrebro, take a look at all the small shops in my hood in Jægersborggade and drop by me for a hug and and a chat.

I love Assistens cemetery and I couldn´t live without this calm place. This is the green oasis in a part of the city filled with life and colors. It´s full of flowers and such a feeling of space. If you look close you can find squirrels and some days a clear blue sky … in winther I like riding through when it is dark, because there is no light in there. Also i like the gravestones with all the histories connected and a certain aesthetic.

There are so many great places to wine and dine at Nørrebro ranging from Michelin places to cheap places. I´m in love with the place called Friheden. It´s open allmost all day and you can get coffee, breakfast and in the weekends you can get a glass of wine and hear a great dj while dancing with your girls. It´s located between all the 60´s industrial buildings and the skatepark, which give a good picture of what Nørrebro is.

I also love the other part of Nørrebro near the lakes. Especially if there is sun, it´s amazing to sit on a bench with a coffee and reflect on life. In the weekends I love the area around Ravsborggade og Guldbergsgade where you can visit ”the old peoples town” and hang out with kids and afterwards go to Brus at the other side and get a cold beer and burger.

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