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Having a creative job means that inspiration is pretty constant – ideally. For me, inspiration is the core of being creative when I make my jewellery and in continuing to enjoy my work. But what is  creativity and inspiration really? And where do you get it? I don’t believe that you can force creativity and inspiration, but that you can make it easier for it to appear and flourish.


Inspiration can take many forms and can come from many different places; people, spaces, screens, museums – and sometimes from the depths of your brain, seemingly without any specific source.

For me it is important to be in inspiring surroundings and meet inspiring people. I love to live and work in Nørrebro because the locals are an ever changing source of inspiration. Both in the way they express themselves aesthetically; through outfits and the way they decorate their homes and shops.  I like to explore Copenhagen and the nature that surrounds us. It might be the smallest things where you see a beautiful color combination or an intriguing texture. I often get inspired by furniture, lamps and sculptures and other items that speaks a clear design language… but it might also be the fold of a piece of garment or the connecting gas pipes in my apartment. So really there is no recipe. When I think of new designs it also often fuels me to think of new ways a piece of jewellery can inhabit the body. Meaning maybe an earring can sit slightly different on the ear than we are used to…

Another kind of inspiration is the kind that is born when I get to work with wishes from my costumers; either they have an idea or sometimes they bring me materials from old jewellery that they maybe inherited from family and wish to put in a new piece of jewellery. Sometimes obstructions – instead of total freedom – can be very inspiring. It sort of forces me to think in different ways: how can I make this work? How can I incorporate this into my own aesthetic? How do I honor the memories the costumer has attached to the material or the idea that the have? And I am so grateful to have people trusting me in bringing new life to their precious gems.


And sometimes inspiration is spontaneus! I´m sure you know the feeling of trying and trying to get the creative energies flowing and they are just stuck. And then later, when you take a walk or are in the shower or on a train, suddenly you get the best ideas. So patience is important too. As long as I make sure to be surrounded by the things that spark creativity and continue to seek new ideas, I know that inspiration keeps on coming to me.


And that is how I stay inspired – by living creatively.

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