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I love Christmas! To me it’s this time a year where we do all we can to make our winter cave as cosy as possible. Turning on the candle lights, baking goodies, making small little shiny things – or large ugly quirky things for decoration, put on lots of clothing and getting chilled cheeks to go home to the ’cave’ and feeling warm and tired in a good way.

The traditions I was brought up with

Also I love traditions – not necessarily just the ones you are brought up with or the ones culture dictates but the ones you have invited into your life over the years. I have a lot of joyous childhood memories attached to Christmas gifts and to me it´s a part of Christmas uniting the family and mostly for the children creating that Christmas excitement. That said gifts doesn’t have to be expensive or necessarily put on the list. For me it´s all about the story behind the gift and the feeling of getting something special from the people you love.

We have this game in my family when gathered around the tree, after dancing around it, that the smallest one in the party picks the first present and then the receiver has to guess what is inside the present. We take turns getting a present and scores for when guessing right. This has led to a lot of trick gifts and creative thinking. I think it is all about allowing the gift giving situation to match the effort people has put into finding that special gift, writing a funny note or wrapping it in a special way. Then the amount of gifts and price is not that important.

It´s not about the size or price of the gift, but the story behind

One of the places where Christmas can divide or join people, is the tradition of gift giving. And the pressure of having to match your gift to a certain level or price to make other people happy. Obviously Christmas is a time for buying jewellery, but instead of buying the biggest and most expensive in my shop it´s more important for me, that we find the right solution for the person who is getting the gift.

If you get a Malene Glintborg jewellery under the Christmas tree, it is important it matches the relationship between the people giving it and receiving it – and it add something to their story. My jewellery is all about building relationships and adding energy into the life of people.”

I feel extremely lucky that during the last many years people have chosen to put my designs under their tree. I can only hope that they are a part of creating a happy moment and of course – as it is the power of jewellery – will be worn for a long time and will be a reminder of the person that gave it to you. Luckily I have many returning customers who had a good experience giving a piece of jewellery and this gives me motivation to keep doing what I’m doing. Also it adds to my good Christmas spirit.

If you feel like giving something special to the ones you love, whether it´s a big or small thing, drop by me and we can have a chat.

Wishing all of you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Opening hours during Christmas:

Mon/tues/wednesday 11-17.30

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