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This month I am doing a feature on some of the inspiring people who I have meet in my shop. A lot of them are coming to my shop because they want some personal jewellery and honestly I love talking to people, hearing their story and trying to make some personal art, that fit into their lives. Some of the people who always drop by my shop, are the creative and sweet couple Molly and Elan who live in LA and I invited them for a talk about what Nørrebro and my jewellery mean to them.  

1. Tell us a bit about you guyswhere do you live and what do you do for a living?  


We live together in Los Angeles, California. Molly is an actor in film and television and Elan is producer and writer. 


2. know you guys often travel to Denmark, how is your relationship to Copenhagen and why does this place inspire you?  


We first started visiting Denmark, and Copenhagen in particularbecause of the exciting food scene, but quickly fell in love with the culture and the natural beauty of the city. We love how walkable the city is, especially in the spring and summer. 


3. When you are in Denmark you often drop by Nørrebrohow would you describe this area? 


Norrebro is a place we would describe as exciting and hip. Just over the last few years we’ve noticed so many changes, from the new Coffee Collective on the corner to the Made in Congo shop. But we also love visiting our favoriteslike Malene’s shop, Relæ, and Manfred’s.  


4. When you are in Denmark you also often go to my shop in JægersboggadeWhat does my jewellery mean to you?  


There is nothing quite like it where we live. It is, at the same time, both simple and elegant. Her designs always seem slightly ahead of the curvealways somehow just different enough to really stand out. Also, knowing that whenever we drop by, we will see the designer, makes us feel like there is love and care in each and every item.  


5. How do you style my jewellery and use them as part of your creative identity?  


Honestly, your jewellery GIVES us style! Anytime we wear your pieces they are complimented. It gives us so much joy to tell the story behind how we found her studio and also opens up the door to share our love of Copenhagen with others. 


6. If you could give a good tip for other tourist visiting Nørrebrowhat should they see and experience?  


Go to spend a full afternoon there. Grab a coffee and wander into every store, visit the cemeterymake a reservation at Manfred’s AND RelæWe believe going all out in Nørrebro is the best way!  

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